B-izzy Bizness

Howdy folks! Well, no one told me that this busy business stuff was really hard work. Boy it’s been hard to get out and about with all this fine cookin’ I’ve been doing – oh yeah and the soap making for The Herb Room. Oh yeah, and the launch of my zesty life website. Did I forget anything?

I’ve barely had time to get my ever expanding booty to the gym – one of the hazards of loving food so much. Sigh.

But I recently got to the dog park on Town Lake with the Gremlin Izzy and my old girl Echo. Smile.

Here are a few shots of the excitement


Izzy’s bliss – a vast expanse of green grass & she even sang me a song, “green acres is the place to be, farm livin’ is the life for me” well at least the dog park is the place to be


The girls in my shadow.
Izzy is still not quite sure about the water, but I’ll save her water silliness for a different day.


Speaking of silliness, this dog makes me smile…too cute!

Zestfully yours,

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