I Dream of Inks Lake

I do. I really do. I have been dreaming of Inks Lake since our camping rendezvous in June.

Here’s why.

First there is the gorgeous lake –


The scenery here is spectacular – you really get a a great view of the lake.


This is the view from the trail near “our” campsite – I call it that because I make the dudes get up at 5:00 in the morn to reserve it!  I know, cruel huh? but they do work for my camp cookin’.


Look at that inky blue color – WOW!


Did I mention the landscape? Granite and pink feldspar sparkle in the sun!

Then there are the plants.


I love the silvery color of these ferns, against the golden rocks….. I’m lichen that.


Cool cactus huh?


Check out this vernal pool. These vernal pools support plant life plus provide water for the critters.


Even the stick bugs like to get into the action!


Another shot of the stick bug with a differen’t flash setting. Nope it’s not night of the creepy stick bug.

How about the fishing?


Trail to our secret fishing spot. shhhhh

See what I mean?


This is a real beauty. I would even call it a bad ass bass hee hee.
We ate this yummy bass for dinner. Thank you bass.

If my dream comes true – pinch me please – we will be camping in a few weeks.
Can’t wait to see what the lake and trails look like in October.


Until then I will be dreaming……………..