Evil Bowl of Candy


Somebody help me. Please. Stop me. I don’t even really like this stuff.


But man it’s good and just plain evil.


I thought we were doing good this Halloween – The candy bowl was almost emptied , the goblins, ghouls and fairy princesses were generously provided handfuls.

Then it happened. Cyclops, ahem, I mean C$ came home from his trick or treat’n with Wolverine. And it was all over.


This bowl was seriously full to the brim last night. I think I’m going to be sick.

In my sugar induced high I discarded the evidence wrappers last night only to find a half eaten bowl of evil candy. Awaiting me, lurking. Making me feel so bad and truthfully a little sick.

To justify my candy snack’n ways

1) I picked all the chocolate out first (it’s better for you right? or is that just for dark chocolate only)

2) Waste not want not. Right?…….. RIGHT

3) I shared with two other candy lovin snackers “the dudes” (C$ and B-man) – sharing is caring….


Speaking of evil – B-man scared the living day lights out of the kids


You can see why – super creepy mime man.


Now back to the evil bowl of candy.
I will now perform a spell of sorts that will bag the evil candy banishing it from this household. Wha la. Looks like it worked! B-man is taking the candy to work with him tomorrow. Haahaa, haaa, evil cackle. The evilness will spread far beyond the confines of this house…..

Plus, I will get my bowl back to use for far less evil duties.