Bunny Love

Bunny Tales.

I know, I’m a weirdo.
Some people talk to trees and some people have animals that talk to them.
Weirdo’s like me.  So please welcome a new friend and permanent resident in MZL – Sophie.

Hello. My name is Sophie.

I am the sweetest bunny in town.

I  hopped over from J&D’s house. This is my new home now.

“Yee haw!”

Betcha didn’t know that bunnies can say yee haw.

I was a little scared my first night.  My pal Echo barked and woke me up. She was really sick.

So all I could do for her is give her my bunny love.

Thanks to me she is doing much better.

Betcha didin’t know that we also say, “Whats up doc?”

Now you do.

I love cats. And dogs. Well, sometimes on that last part.  Ya know? The part where I say I love dogs. They are okay except the being chased part. Gremlin Izzy likes to play chase. My NOT favorite game. Which she sometimes likes to do.

So I’ll stick to cats for now. Hey look – we are about the same size.

Silly wabbit.  Tricks are for kids.

Gotta love this chin! Tickle me here.

Well it was nice to meet y’all – I need to get back to important matters – what a girl like me loves, diamonds carrots!

I am so glad you got to meet our new family addition. She is so soft, loving and very photogenic.
Seriously -what’s wrong with me? I just adore this sweet bunny.

She gives good bunny love.