Echo & Me


This is Echo. She is one of my best friends – of the furry critter variety.

She makes me smile everyday.  Echo has been in my life for 13 years, since C$ was 2 years old, which makes her 91 years old in dog years. She is an oldie but a goodie & a huge part of our family – I would say she is the Missus of the house.


Recently we had quite a scare and needless to say the last few days have been really rough. On Friday of last week we woke up to find her unable to move – she looked as if she suffered from a stroke. She appeared to be  partially paralyzed on one side of her face, with her head tilting, and she was unable to walk. We later found out that she is suffering from geriatric Canine Vestibular Syndrome. It is an inflammatory disease of the peripheral vestibular connecting the inner ear and the cerebellum, where balance is controlled. Inner ear infections are sometimes the culprit.

Has anyone’s pet suffered from this? It truly is a scary experience for the dog and the owner.


Much to our relief, it was not a stroke as we had feared and she is now recovering and was put on a dose of antibiotics for an inner ear infection. She is becoming more stable and is able to use the facilities on her own (whew what a relief) and eat a little. Today she seems to be feeling better and is up is moving around, even spending some time out doors. I am so relieved; she should be fully recovered within the next few weeks but may have a permanent head tilt.

I am so glad to have my dear old friend still.  She is a real treasure and she blesses us everday with her faithful dog love and endearing friendship.

Thanks you Echo, and meesa wants you in my life…


Echo smiling for the camera!


Echo & Me.