Natural Products for the Body, Bath, and Home

Welcome to The Herb Room store at myzestylife.com.  I am pleased to offer and share my all natural products and goodies from The Herb Room.  The Herb Room is my homemade & home based business, located in Austin, TX.  I personally create, handcraft, and blend natural products using herbs, botanicals and pure plant essential oils.  Here, I enjoy making natural and healthy products for your Body, Bath, and Home.  I am committed to providing you with quality products using natural ingredients – from my home to yours.  Currently, you will find my yummy, good for your skin, natural soaps. Check back often as The Herb Room product line will be growing.

thr Natural soaps

  • Only the purest plant essential oils, highest quality vegetable, fruit, seed or nut oils, and finest herbs are used in creating The Herb Room soaps.  Each hand made bar is unique and no two bars are exactly alike.
  • The Herb Room soaps are hand made (by me) in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Every bar has a base of soy, olive, coconut, and palm oils.
  • I incorporate herbs, botanicals and pure essential oils and/or all natural flavoring oils.
  • Synthetic fragrances, perfumes and fillers are never used in my products.
  • The Herb Room soaps are free of petroleum based ingredients, parabens, detergents, foam boosters, sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic/chemical preservatives, additives or artificial coloring agents.
  • I use the cold process soap making method and lowest possible processing temperatures so that the therapeutic benefits of the botanicals actually make it to your skin.
  • Each bar of soap is hand cut, cured for 21 days, and packaged in an all natural plant fiber sinamay bag. I use eco-friendly sustainable packaging that is artisan-crafted from plant-based materials.
  • None of my soaps contain synthetic preservatives. To a certain extent, the natural antioxidant activity of the botanical ingredients adds to the shelf life. Expected shelf life is 18 months.
  • Natural soap gets better with age. I have used bars after two years of storage and they become harder & creamier, if not better as they age. As natural soaps age, the natural color may change or fade and you may notice the essential oil fragrances are not as pronounced. The surface oils evaporate over time BUT the essential oils are still in there – trapped in the fatty acid molecules during the soap making process. The essential oils are then released when you add water to the soap and lather up!
  • Soap batches may vary in color from time to time.  Don’t be alarmed!  I produce my soaps in small batches using whole plant botanicals & herbs to color my soap.  However, raw ingredients such as coconut or olive oil may vary slightly in color depending on where the plant source was harvested, time of year, etc.  I think these conditional variances add to the “character” of my soaps.  Enjoy every unique bar of soap that The Herb Room creates!
  • Follow the care tips below to get the added benefits of The Herb Room soaps.

Caring for thr Soaps

So you bought some incredible soap from The Herb Room. Wanna make it last longer?
Follow these simple steps:

  • Store your natural handmade soaps in a dry, cool place away from excessive heat and humidity.
  • Natural soaps are “true” soaps and not those nasty detergent bars you get from the grocery store which means they should not be left in standing water.
  • In the bath or shower place bars on a soap dish that elevates the soap after use and allows your natural soap to breathe. Ahhhh…
  • Store The Herb Room soaps in their natural fiber sinamay bags.  You can even place a bar in your dresser drawer or linen closet to give the space a wonderful fragrance while waiting to use it ~or~ store in plastic baggies to preserve the fragrance of the soap.

thr – Sustainable and Eco-conscious

Each bar of The Herb Room soap is packaged in an eco-friendly, sustainable, fairly traded  sinamay bag. Sinamay bags are artisan-crafted and handwoven from plant-based materials. To find out more about Distant Village packaging click here.

Here are some ecologically responsible ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, enjoy my soap and reduce waste with my packaging:

  • Use the sinamay bag like a loofah for a natural exfoliant.  Just leave The Herb Room soaps in the bag OR fill an empty bag with soap scraps & ends. Get the bag nice and wet and start scrubb’n. Great for hands, elbows and feet. Place near the kitchen sink or in the laundry room for tough grease and smells.
  • Place your biodegradable bag in the compost pile. The earth will thank you.
  • Use in your garden as a soil “biopot”; fill bag with soil, pop in a seed, sun+water+ love = seedling, then plant your “biopot” bag seedling directly in the ground.
  • Please recycle – send me back your unused bag for a soap bar refill and receive 5% off your next purchase.

I truly enjoy using my soaps as much as I enjoy creating them. By sharing my products, I am sharing my inspiration.


Be zesty,