The Herb Room’s Brew ~ Sage Honey Ale Soap

Sage wisdom brewed up in The Herb Room. My latest and greatest concoction, Sage Honey Ale soap.

Inspired and harvested from the beautiful organic sage growing in my garden and a recent dabbling in brewing beer.

Sage Honey Ale soap began with a visit to my Bastropian brewing Bro’s home to get a crash course in the fine art of brewing beer AND hang out with my one and only brother. Not just any brewer, my Bro’ consistently turns out some of the finest home brews in Central Texas, so I did some digging of my own and unearthed some herbal brew recipes that would be a perfect use of the abundant organic herbs growing in this year’s garden.

We decided to brew a unique European style beer, a recipe featuring my garden fresh sage, an herb that has roots in our Nordic ancestry and means “to save”. My brewing Bro is also an engineer, and me being the scientist and botanist knew this was going to be a great beer. Wow! I must say we created a masterpiece – the finest Sage Honey Ale, EVER. A unique twist on a Pilsner, our Sage Honey Ale had undertones of lemon, honey and a nice balance of earthy sage – divine with slices of oranges floating in liquid gold. Notice I said had – an exceptional brew like this takes no time to drink. And drink ye Sage Honey Ale we did.

Sage Salvia officinalis – a wise ally to many big and small.

Reserve it for lather? Sagely hard to do, this brew reserve turned into The Herb Room’s best truly special and worthy, Sage Honey Ale soap!

“Whatever ails ye not” with purifying Sage Honey Ale soap – created with a bit of our Sage Honey Ale brew and loads of organic sage straight from my garden!

Wishing y’all the healthiest, wisest and Zestiest best