Sick Days, Dubs and the Birthday Girl

Okay. lets face it. Sometimes we have to call in sick. And it sucks. Being sick that is. My normal zesty self, nowhere to be found. Instead I found this.

Dubs, aka WB, curled up in Izzy’s bed.

She thinks it’s her bed. But really they share. And it made me feel a little better.

It’s okay to have a sick day. Dubs doesn’t mind, so neither should I.
It’s okay to be getting older. Dubs doesn’t seem to give a hoot or a holler.

Even though I had a really unmotivated week. Maybe because I was in bed sick for 2 days. Maybe because my birthday is coming real soon. Who knows? Am I having residual age rage? Probably a combo of both. Though I am excited about my upcoming birthday and the fact that my bestest friend from CA will be here soon; visiting and celebrating with the Birthday Girl.

But when it comes to the advancement of age, my upcoming birthday and facing the years that I have been inhabiting the planet – there are other things I can do without.

So here it goes, my top 10 Birthday gripes and grumbles:

1.) Getting old
2.) Feeling old
3.) C$ will be 16 soon (whaaaa, where did the time go?)

4.) I can’t eat whatever I want
5.) I can eat whatever I want, but will see it in the form of jiggles and jello thighs
6.) I will never be 27 again
7.) Becoming the birthday “old lady” and no longer the birthday “girl”
8.) Not getting carded
9.) Being called ma’am (hey wait a minute, I live in Texas they do this ma’am thing standard even if you’re 12)
10.) Repeat 1 and 2

Okay. So I am acting like I am turning 100 not the ripe age of 37. I guess everything is going to be okay. And things could be a lot worse. Really folks, I have it so good. I can smile and know that getting older would mean nothing with out this.

and this.

Pure love is ageless.