Purdy Dress.

This dress is so pretty. I would even say it’s purdy too.


B-man picked this out for me last weekend. We were supposed to be getting motorcycle gear – then I found this dress. Or it found me.

This will be my pretty party dress for B-mans company party.


Look at the beautiful bodice


and the bow in the back. Oh, how the bow makes me smile.


It makes me feel like a little girl,


so feminine.


What pretty soft lace and detail! So elegant.


When I zipped it up, I knew. I just knew it was the one. And when I stepped out of the dressing room, B- man’s jaw dropped – he even drooled and he only does that when I cook or when he’s looking at motorcycles.

It even hugged me in all the right places. What more can a girl ask for?


My juxtaposition is this. Do I wear boots? The tall classic kind -OR- strappy heels.  Whadya think?

I tried it on with tall black boots – they go up to my knee.  This looks real nice.


These are not my actual boots – but they are very close to the black ones.


I then tried on this high heel strappy number. They looked nice too.  These are the actual shoes I tried on – aren’t they somethin”?

Think about it. I’m already gunnin’ for the boots – it looks a little more winter. More sophisticated.

I have a whole month to whip myself into fancy dress wear’n shape.  Halle Berry body here I come.  Or not.  A few of these things might help though 1) black tights 2) self tanner and 3) some more gym time plus some long walks.

But no matter… I LOVE this dress and it makes my man drool. Plus I want to twirl in it and wear a tiara.

It speaks for itself and can even wear me.  What kind of dress does this?  Only a pretty one.