New! MZL Email Updates and Texas Margarita Soap

Howdy friends!

I sure hope you are enjoying the last days of summer! We are all back to work and into the the swing of things after our family “To Yellowstone or Bust” road trip. What a full month around here. I can’t believe that C$ started school last week and he is now a big Jr. Yowser. So much excitement happening, like this very cool email update thing-a-ma-jig that you are looking at. Pretty cool, huh? This zesty feature provides email updates that let you know when there are new posts in Zesty Kitchen and Zesty Tidbits! Just another one of Blue’s brilliant creations that make sharing a slice of my zesty life so much easier. Now you can get your zesty fix and stay in touch without visiting me here on My Zesty Life website. Unless you want to, of course! The best part? Fresh, right out of my Zesty Kitchen recipes and up to date news and Zesty Tidbits – delivered right to your inbox! AND you can even print my recipes right from your email. Yee haw!!! Pretty genius, huh? Oh yeah, and of course it’s all optional – you can visit me here AND/OR get email updates See? you really can have it all.

In addition to the email updates, my Texas Margarita soap is ready, and it is awesome! Lookie here.

August soap of the month: New! Texas Margarita Soap. Oh yeah!

Say “howdy” to soft skin!
Kick up your boots and enjoy a Texas Margarita! Celebrate the end of summer with a thirst quenching local favorite almost as big as the great state of Texas. Yep. For super sized skin benefits, any time of year. A skin cocktail infused with beneficial Agave, a local plant source of some of the finest tequilas in the world. Used for centuries by native tribes for food, clothing, and skin healing powers. Say “ahhh” with a triple shot of Agave. A skin nourishing mix of mineral rich blue agave nectar, emollient local harvest red yucca, and hydrating wild harvest Sotol Tequila permeate this beauty bar. Purify and polish with Dead Sea salts, a layer of embedded crystals that buff and refine, while healing Aloe calms and balances. Reveal luminous skin with a burst of Vitamin C packed fresh orange and cooling lime juices. Aromatic essential oils of crisp coriander, sweet-tart palmarosa, plus a dash of lime revive the senses. Get gorgeous, hydrated, and healthy skin with a thirst quenching, skin satisfying Texas Margarita!

If you already haven’t checked out the Summer Soap Series, here’s a peek -

The Tropical Trio is a tropical treat!

The Tropical Trio. A fab gift as a set or single. All Specialty bars are offered in full bar sizes only.

NOW BACK IN STOCK! Your everyday favorites, Lavender and Confetti Rose Soap

Lavender Soap
– a classic beauty never goes out of style.

Find skin love. I heart Confetti Rose. “The Regulars” are always available in full bar and mini bar sizes.

That’s all folks! I hope that y’all enjoyed this zesty update filled with short, sweet, happy moments and a tropical blast. Speaking of which, the tropical storm, Hermine dropped massive showers and almost 9 inches of rain in the last 24 hours! All I need now is a Texas Margarita…

Zestfully yours,