Name My Birthday Cake: THE WINNERS!!!!

Drumroll please.  Blue the Birthday Baker has officially chosen the name for the magnificent out of this world cake he created for my birthday! Thank you all so much for entering the contest.  It was so much fun to read your entries. Y’all crack me up! I couldn’t have thought of more creative and ingenious names. Especially since naming my birthday cake is like serious bizness, ya know? I really enjoyed NOT being the judge and I know the Birthday Baker had a hard time choosing. So let me break down the judging and how winners were chosen:

In order to keep the contest fair, Blue the Birthday Baker was not aloud to view your  submitted cake name. This was to keep him from seeing the entrants names and to reduce bias. All the submitted names & entrants were anonymous to him. At contest deadline, I put all of the anonymous & eligible cake names on a list and they were emailed for judging. This list of names was sorted alphabetically and scored.  Fourteen cake names survived the first round of cuts and the remaining names were once again re-sorted alphabetically and scored leaving only six cake names in the second round. After the third round, only four remained.  Blue the Birthday Baker chose the final and favorite cake name and placed each of the four cake names as his winners. The winners were announced to me and now to the world!

Here are the Name My Birthday Cake Contest winners:

1st place: Glazed Raspberry Chocolate Fusion Cake submitted by Daniela Boyce

2nd place: German Chocolate Raspberry Fusion Cake submitted by Keith

3rd place: Double Decker Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake submitted by Morgan Dominique Poteet

An honorable mention goes out to:  Chocolate Berry Blitz Cake submitted by Anne. Blue liked the fact that the word Blitz was subtly used to reference the German Chocolate cake.

Glazed Raspberry Chocolate Fusion Cake

Congratulations to the winners!

I am thrilled with the brand new sparkly cake name! My Glazed Raspberry Chocolate Fusion Cake was the best birthday cake I have ever had.  On that note, I wish you could have tasted it (a few of you lucky souls did get a piece).
I know this is just plain mean of me to keep shoving all these picture in front of you.

But Look.

Mouthwatering huh? Glazed Raspberry Chocolate Fusion Cake in your face!

Okay, I am now done with the cruelty and taunting.  It’s just not fair to have you name a cake that you can’t make for yourself and truly experience. Right? Right. Sooo, Blue the Birthday Baker decided that a remake of Glazed Raspberry Chocolate Fusion Cake is in your future that will include pics plus his recipe. There were obviously no protests from me. Be on the lookout for his cake featured in my Zesty Kitchen. And the best thing for me – all I have to do is show up for the cake mak’n, take pictures, then eat this blissful, to die for Glazed Raspberry Chocolate Fusion cake. And the kicker,  my birthday is looong gone!

I am truly the luckiest gal in the whole entire world galaxy!

Be sure to join me for more fun, contests and prizes in MZL!

Zestfully yours,