Lacrosse tournament and Turkey Day

The dudes are gone this weekend for C$’s Lacrosse tournament in Houston.  B-man got some good shots of C$ in action. Here are some of the highlights, hot off the press.


B-man said it is freezing cold, raining and there is an icy wind.  In between games they are hangin’ out in the car with the heater on full blast. Fun heh?


Muddy much?

It makes my staying at home getting the house ready for the big crowd coming, seem like a vacation.  NOT.  But I HATE being cold more than I hate laundry and vacuums.

But back to the tournament -


C$ is #34 and a defensive beast


Look at that stick skill!  I am such a proud and zesty mom.


There goes number 34, he won’t ever let ‘em score.  My cheer leading skill and rhyming is so awesome.


Someone’s about ready to get a beat down.


I wish I could be yelling from the sidelines – Niiiiice Chance and nice legs ref.


“Hi madre” – What a turkey.

Speaking of turkey’s. My parents are flying in on Sunday to stay with us through Turkey day and then they will be visiting with my brother and his family in Bastrop. The menu this year looks fantastic and I can not wait to share my family recipes with y’all!

I truly love having a full house; the more mouths to feed the better. What are your Turkey Day plans?

Hope you have a great Turkey Day and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Zesty love,