Happy Anniversary: 17 Years in the making…

First let me start by sharing this. I have been married to Blue my sincere, loyal and trusted best friend for 17 years today!!!

I know it’s hard to believe. Even for me. It seems like yesterday that we shared these precious moments in time. These are the days, as you married peoples know. True love is never easy, but worth all the heartache, all the joy, everything when you have someone to share it with. And Blue, you are that to me. My true one and only.

I dug up some random moments and photographs over the years.

Our family at Disneyland. Look how cute C$ is! 2001 I believe.

ooooh yeah. We are such hippies. I am smiling and crying with pure love.

Blond moments.

Our 15 12 year (my bad) Anniversary cruise to Catalina and Mexico! Whoo hooo.

Halloween. Charlie Chaplin and his wife.

Enchanted Moments at Enchanted Rock.

A perfect pair! What a lucky and blessed lady I am to have the man of my dreams to share this life with.
Time flies when your having fun!

Happy 17 year Anniversary!