Echo (November 1996 – November 2010)

Friends & Family –

Thank you all for your kind condolences and support. This is the hardest thing for me. To share my sadness and grief on the passing of my best friend and faithful family companion, Echo. For obvious reasons, I have not been able to put my feelings into words, but know that I need to start by sharing her life, the joy she brought to me and our family with all of you in my zesty life. Echo shared 14 beautiful years with us (that would be 98 dogs years!) She was a sweet soul, such love and kindness in her brown eyes. I could always count on her, my shadow, her presence nearby – she would go to the ends of the earth to be with her family. I am so thankful and honored for the time that we shared. Thank you Echo.

Here are my reflections of her life with us over the years.

My Shadow

Some of the hardest times in life happen in loss, they Echo across the heart, skipping sadness like a rock skims across the surface of still water.
I have lost my best friend, my shadow, my dear comforting companion. Always by my side.
My puppy, you were always near. A part of our family through the years. Moments I will never forget. Moments like these that make me laugh and make me cry.
You are missed, you are loved, I will never forget you. Your sweetness, your worries, your pains. These times with you Echo, shared in living and our journey echos on. I hear you, my little one. My silent shadow comforts me while I weep. Every drop of peace you are to me. Many years worth, you are priceless. My shadow. A space for us both to linger, safety. You are still close by as I whisper, our journey ending, just as it was in the beginning. You make me smile remembering, love.

Echo through the years.

In the beginning – Echo, Chance & Me and Blue catching this moment.

Always by our side

A playful puppy

From Easter Egg Hunts

to Birthdays

You make us smile.

Footprints in the sand and my shadow Echo.

From family trips and ocean bliss

to Fourth of July river swims.

The ever changing tides, a little boy grows up with you by his side.

A blond moment and California Dreams.

Moments like these stop my heart.

A happy Echo in our new Texas home.

And this. Your favorite boy, now a young man,

and two cuddly friends meet.

Moments like these. Good times shared.  Just coolin’ off and chillin’  in the hot Texas heat with your buddy Chance by your side.

From family camp outs with furry friends

to restful days in bed.  You have been by my side.

You are love,

your smile brings joy.

Echo, such a constant comfort

and constant friend.

Your time here with us has brought us together. Peaceful and gentle…


Time we will never forget.


My best friend.

My sweet



A spa experience before the long rest.

May you journey in peace

and know that we love you. Always. The Clark Family