C$ the 16 year old driving Birthday Dude

Okay it’s official. My baby boy is now 16! What happened??

When did he go from this

To this?

and then this?

Yep that’s C$ with his drivers license! Yee haw and boo hoo – yep both at the same time.

It’s that Mom thing, that makes me feel both.

It makes me cry a little and smile a whole big bunch.

Smile for the camera C$!

Ohhhh yeah! Insert fist pump here.

Pulling up and permit free. His first parent free drive home. Insert tears forming here.

C$ flashing his wide happy 16 year old grin. It’s celebration time!

~OR~ time to insert bittersweet happy love tears here. BIG joyous weeping alligator tears.

See?? This is why I need to take a moment. Sniffle sniffle. Somebody please hand me a tissue. Okay a shirt sleeve will do.
Okay all better.

Now it hits me. A big smile. Here’s what has been happening and NOT what happened.  A milestone is etched. A birth day that began 16 years ago is now unfolding. And I get to go along for the ride – a Chance worth taking.

What a wonderful and beautiful 16 year journey this has been.

Watching a boy

become such a fine young man.