Bits and Pieces

Howdy folks and friends. It’s me.


It’s been a while huh? At first glance you probably wouldn’t know just how zesty things have been around these parts. Would ya?

Did I hear you say YEP? I agree that the most recent Zesty Tidbits are NOT so recent. So, today I am aiming to put a stop to this right now. Let me spread some long overdue zesty love your way. Let’s start with an appetizer of zesty jambalaya.

Since mid- April, my zesty life has been enjoying a full plate. I have been participating in many zesty experiences, adventures and activities, ranging from work & soap making, to visitors, photography classes, camping trips, and a vacation with Blue. WOWZER. Even though my updates to the site have been on hiatus, my zesty life is bursting with news. Things around here have been full to the brim and zestier than ever. I have been taking lot’s of pictures along the way, and can’t wait to share some big bites of my zesty life. Big bites to chew on. Just not all in one swallow. Okay? Cause my zesty life is not as zesty without you in it. Here is a slice, in bits and pieces, so that you can enjoy the full zesty flavor. One bite at a time.

1. Mother’s Day! I love Mother’s Day. I love being a mom. What a privilege. I truly think it is an honor, and a gift. This special day get’s better every year. This year we celebrated Mom’s Day in Chinatown, enjoying a feast of Dim Sum. Yes, we have a Chinatown in Austin. A small one albeit, but delicious none the less.

Blue snapped these commemorative photos. What a wonderful day!

Me and my handsome son.

Mother and son.

Madre y mijo.            These should get you by until next year.

a) My Mom the quilt maker.
What do you get when you combine Mother’s Day with bits and pieces?  Thoughts of my Mom and her beautiful quilts, of course! Be on the lookout for a special post featuring my Mom and her quilt creations. Wanna see some quilt pictures?  Psyyyche. Good things come to those who wait. Didn’t your mama teach you that?

2. The passing of our sweet cat Mama Kitty aka Rosa Belle (April 21, 2010).  I am currently gathering up pictures, and sentiments for a special remembrance post.

Mama was the best and she is missed terribly.

Baby Rosa Belle and little C$ in 2003.

3. Inks Lake with friends. Furry ones. Plus plant allies. I will share the whole diggity dang camping adventure & pics. Just a taste – Say Hello to my little friend: Gus.

A taste of cuteness.

4. A Digital SLR photography class. I will showcase some mad skills that I learned in field photography. Be prepared to see some major photo improvements in all areas of my site. Just a sneak peak.

5. A Vacation in Virginia Beach. With Blue. Just Blue. Get it? Got It? Goood.
I will be sharing some of the photos, real, real, soon. I promise.

Here is my one thousand word monologue condensed into a 6 word sentence, that describes my time in Virgina Beach.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

You don’t need a thousand words for this

and this. Need I say more?

6.) The launch of The Herb Room Summer Soap series.

The Herb Room Facebook fans helped create these “sunderful” bars.

The Tropical Bar: featuring the best of the tropics, in an all inclusive vacation for your skin.
Soap and Sunshine, your passport to good clean fun.
Destination: The Tropical Bar. Three sensational specialty bars inspired by your favorite tropical cocktails.

Mojito – skin mojo and a sun goddess glow
Piña Colada – your body beautiful beach friend
Texas Margarita – say “howdy” to soft skin

First round. Mojito Soap.
Rum infused crushed spearmint leaves revive and cool your summer skin. Fresh squeezed lime juice and a light dusting of raw organic natural cane sugar exfoliates, keeping your skin super soft. Pure plant extracts of lime and lemon provide a full flavor citrus blast. Natural essential oils of lime, spearmint, and lemon provide you with a refreshing Mojito scent. So drink up and enjoy the full bar experience – no hangover required. Available for pre-order May 28!

Ahh. Living the zesty life. I hope you enjoyed the slice. Still hungry? An updated menu will be coming soon. I have prepared numerous four course meals for your viewing pleasure. And if you’re good, I’ll even throw in dessert.

Zesty love, Robyn