BIG Holiday Giveaway! WIN a year of The Herb Room Soaps!

Seasoned Greetings! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the holidays. If you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do, then you know what time it is! Time to do a jiggedy dance around the table, celebrating a jiggle and a jangle. Okay no, let’s not celebrate the jiggle, but a jingle and a jangle. ‘Cuz when it comes to the time – the countdown to Christmas has begun!

Starting with a BIG Holiday GIVEAWAY, a chance to win a year of The Herb Room Soaps with a full belly from a few of my favorite things.

Like this here BIG thank you of a Mr. Turkey plate and all of my favorite side dishes.

It just wouldn’t be the Holidays if one of these Big favorites and a most requested side dish was missing from my table. We could never have that, now could we?

Clark’s Favorite Yams

Nope. In fact, Clark’s Favorite YAMS are not requested, but demanded – genuine MMMMM. Truly z best family recipe, shared from none other than MamaJoan. The gift of family love, a delicious, priceless side dish that keeps on giving. Clark’s Favorite YAMS, on my table, every Holiday. Period. This surely indicates how the zesty Clark Clan likes to celebrate! With our favorite holiday dishes and each other. My absolute favorite part of this time of year is spending time in the kitchen preparing a few of my favorite things and enjoying them with y’all.

I always celebrate the countdown with a jig, a reverent hymn and my very favorite Holiday dish EVER – Old Fashioned Apple Pie.

The apple of my eye!

Layers and layers of cinnamon sprinkled apples and old fashioned goodness.

I must dance and revel in the arrival of Holiday cheer, comfort, & bliss.
Now my praise to Old Fashioned Apple Pie – a reverent hymn by none other than yours truly. Aptly named, Holy Days & Holy Nights.
Rising with a piece in the morn’ to a day so bright, a slice at noon my lunch delight and after dinner, who could resist? Nothing’s as sweet, nor cakes do I need, just homemade apple pie a la mode and me.

What a delight it is to savor every bite of my favorite Holiday treat!

Always served with zesty love.

Like this. My Dad and C$’s favorite Holiday Treat – Zesty Lemon Bars

Favorite dishes and food that say I love you, and inspire memories, bite after bite. Sharing favorites that become family traditions – a serving and helping at a time – usher in the season of giving and of thanks. Truly the most important part of the holiday season is sharing my zesty life with family and friends. Spreading joy and zesty recipes, tidbits, The Herb Room soaps,

and Christmas Pie. Plus a whole lot of BIG holiday cheer, as well.

Speaking of sharing BIG Holiday cheer, My Zesty Life is celebrating with a BIG Holiday GIVEAWAY offering one lucky lover of all things zesty, a chance to win a year’s worth of The Herb Room Soaps!

One happy winner gets to lather, rinse, and repeat with a full bar of the The Herb Room’s “soap of choice” for 1 year. Surprise! Variety is the zesty spice of life & I like it that way.

Yep, that’s right – the BIG winner get’s one full bar of The Herb Room Soap, every month, for twelve whole months!

Why, you say? In the spirit of the season, jolly ol’ Saint Nick, Rudolf and all things zesty, I wish to share The Herb Room joy and all natural goodness with the world. Why so BIG? The saying around these parts is “Go BIG or Go HOME.” Since the Holidays are all about home, family and giving big – think of this BIG Holiday Giveaway as a year-long gift, a shower of good clean fun with The Herb Room Soaps. That means you, y’all. Thanks for your support, love, generosity, and comments. It’s been a BIG year for me and I am so looking forward to sharing more Zesty love with y’all in 2012.

The BIG Holiday GIVEAWAY!!! Win a year’s worth of The Herb Room Soap!

How? It’s easy. Share.

What is your favorite Holiday food or dish and Why?
Tell me your favorite holiday dish/food and why it’s your favorite. Answer in the comment section of this post and you will be entered for a chance to win a year’s worth of The Herb Room Soap! Just so ya know – you are not being judged for your answer. What you answer will not influence or increase your chances of winning.

Answer the question in the comment section of this post (1 entry)
One ENTRY per Person; Multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning. Feel free to comment as many times as you would like. In fact, I encourage this. Have ten favorite Holiday dishes? Tell me about ‘em and comment away. YOU will still only be entered ONE TIME. Want to increase your chances of winning? Spread Holiday cheer! Serve a side of my zesty life and your love of The Herb Room Soaps to increase your chances of winning with EXTRA Entries. Here’s how:


Become a fan Like The Herb Room on Facebook (1 Entry)
****If you already like The Herb Room on Facebook ****Visit The Herb Room Facebook page and tell me a soap idea or creation that you would love to see offered in The Herb Room (1 entry)

Be a Zesty friend BONUS (3 Entries)
Get a friend to subscribe to My Zesty Life email updates and get THREE more ENTRIES!
To verify and receive credit the subscribed friend MUST send me an Email with: Subject: zFRIEND YOUR name YOUR email address to

Bloggers Bonus (2 Entries)
Have a blog?
- Blog about my giveaway with a link to My Zesty Life
- Send me an email with a link to your blog post that links to My Zesty Life

- You must answer the question in the Comment section of this post or in the comment section of The Big Holiday Giveaway
- One ENTRY per Person; multiple comments do not increase your chances of winning
- Extra Entries must complete all steps listed to qualify
- The winner will receive: One full sized bar of The Herb Room soap of my choosing, for one year (Total of twelve full sized bars)
The BIG Holiday GIVEAWAY ends December 26, 2011 January 1, 2012 at 11:00 PM CST
- To ensure fairness, the Winner will be chosen using which will create a random numbered list from 1 to the total number of entries, and will then pick a random number between 1 and the total number of entries to determine the winner
- Winner will be notified via email January 2, 2012; prize to be mailed on the 5th of each month starting January 2012 and ending December 5, 2012
- Once notified the winner will have three days to claim the prize. If the Winner does not respond within the allotted amount of time, an alternate winner will be chosen as stated above using
- The BIG Holiday Giveaway is only open to residents of the good ol’ USA
- Good luck y’all!

Zesty love and cheer to you and yours,

The BIG Holiday GIVEAWAY is CLOSED! Thanks to all of you that entered! Stay tuned for more Giveaways, Contests and chances to win…

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