Back in the saddle! A fully loaded update…

Hi Y’all!

It’s been WAY too long and I’ve been missing you. But hey! I am back in the saddle with a fully loaded update of sorts. Not that I ever left the saddle per say, just that I have been giddying it up with the zesty folks and family that make my life, belly and heart so full, steering the reigns and enjoying the zesty ride.  Here’s a bit of lock, stock and barrel (in no particular order). A zesty smorgasbord from the HOT Wild West – saddle up and enjoy the ride.

The C$. A 17 year old Dude’s Birthday I can’t look at these photos without getting choked up.

Seriously, whatever happened to this?

17 years in the making.

I know what happened to this.

C$’s Birthday Bavarian Cream Cake.

Adios, just like 16.

17 and never too big to enjoy life, camping, fishing and sunsets at Lake Meridian.

17 and never too big to snuzzle with Iz.

17 and Never too big to carry.

Guests Galore A sprinkle of some of the goods that have been delivered to my doorstep. All the lovely people, all the lovely times shared….

Friends & family near and far come to visit me in Austin AND they keep puttin’ up with my shenanigans – thanks for this, that and making my life so dang zesty!

Zbeautiful sisters – Bri (right) and Holly at Barton Springs

More beauties. My Aunts

braving the wild, wild, west. Well, uh, braving the wild, wild gardens of Zilker Park.

Heather. SO beautiful.

My very bestie Heather came to visit in April. Such an amazing person and friend.

Heather has recently been riding a bull, a real life bucking bronco. Receiving life changing news, that others would run from, Heather has pulled up her boot straps and is digging in.  I saddled up for a trip to Cali to bring her some new boot straps if needed, and lighten her load -   and for a brief visit with her, Brad and her kids. Brad, whom was recently diagnosed with cancer, is in the throes of kicking cancer’s ass. From the start – Heather has been involved in all aspects of care, treatment, LOVE and ass kicking Goddess Goodliness.  She is so inspiring, intelligent. WOW. What a privilege and pleasure to have had, not only time with her, her kids, but some very special moments with Brad. I am just in AWE. I feel so blessed to have had moments with two incredible beings. Brad truly amazed me with his beautiful art, and beautiful loving heart.  Thank you both so much for sharing your magic and space with me. I am humbled….

Serious fun! Fun seriously – when the Cali Clarks come to town.

Mama Joan & Papa Stu visit; includes excursions to various fun locales sans us – then back to Austin bearing many gifts in the form of  a suntan, smiles and a photo gallery of of their time in Galveston and Houston.

I must like torture. I provided my camera.  See? Evidence of self torture below. Rub it in.

I am licking the salt from my wounds as Papa Stuie has not a care in the world…

Brag time. My right as a mom.

We all do it. Share how proud we are of our kids, maybe a little too much or not enough. So here it is – all the great, happy proud mom moments. A recipient of all the riches that Chance, ahem, C$ is – super zesty bad a** and pain in the a** self. I truly am the luckiest most blessed Mom to have a son that works so darn hard, shows up and brings it!  If not always, his most of the time is damn good.

Check out my MVP defense-man in action from his highlight video

Highlight video? Yep. For all’s y’all Mr. C$ has been super busy with lacrosse, and is getting a lot of exposure and opportunities to play for colleges! These last months on the road were spur of moment opportunities, traveling to many invite only recruiting events. Kicking off our summer was the Texas 99, the top college recruiting event in Texas. He has applied to four of the many colleges recruiting him for Division 3. We are so proud of him, as he recently received his first college acceptance letter!  Out of state college!  So exciting. Excuse me. Suddenly it became a bit hard for me to swallow. I was just getting used to the thought of him flying the coop locally, attending college here in Tejas.  Uh oh. I am feeling a bout of the sniffles coming on.  If anyone asks, it must be allergies…

Next up is the Philly showcase, a coach chosen showcase for elite HS lacrosse players!  I am just super, duper proud of the serious hard work, training and awesome grades that he is achieving. I am looking forward to the 2012 lacrosse season, watching C$ pone and own (Go 34!) as well as his future college lacrosse career!  But in the meantime I must not cry or reduce myself to a blathering-crying-ninny of a mom. ‘Cuz I still have him here now. A full year to dote over C$, the SENIOR. Ah the joys of motherhood and a lifetime of bragging rights.

One more for the road. A zesty gal’s Birthday cake.  Home made deliciousness, and C$ especial.

Chocolate Peanut-butter Torte

A slice of love for yours truly.

Signed sealed and delivered with a birthday hug!

ZKitchen. Inspirations about biting off way more than you can chew. So little time, yet still my favorite place to be when I am not kicking up my heels, living me vida loca zesty life. Much will be coming your way. Expect to sidle up and inhale some new dishes, desserts & more. Like the cake teaser – Yep those quick peeks at cake creations avec birthdays sans ice cream.  But cake would not be cake without some shouts outs and screams – Ice Cream that is.So here it is.  Excuse me while I let this out.
I scream – give me more, while looking at an empty freezer. I scream, cursing the day this delectable creamy treat was invented!  ‘Cuz I have not a picture to share of the homemade frozen ice cream concoctions  that happily made me smile during summer. Ice cream flavors, enjoyed and now out of stock. Maple pecan, Midnight chocolate, Mango sorbet! Ahh. Such a tease. Zesty Indeed.

Trips, Camp outs, KumbayAhhhh
Good times, meditations, journeys and a bit of road dust always does the soul good.

Moto trippin’

The dudes moto-off to South Llano State Park for bat caving, deer dashing and good ol’ fashion camping.

South Padre Island when a tsunami hit Blue and I almost gave my heart to a pirate, plus a merman and a run in with hookers.

Crazy you say? A world of crazy fun!

Mother’s Day spent at the top of the world

and at the top of Mt. Bonnell.

ZAnimals I love.

Izzeeee. Izzy. I need not say the ways you warm my heart, make me laugh and smile.

Dos Gatitos mi amore.

Sophie’s new digs

Sophie & Izzy enjoy the new outdoor playpen.  Sophie knows that tricks are not just for kids -

Watch THIS!

Ta da. Outdoor refinery.

Summer soapery in The Herb Room.

Sage Honey Ale the latest greatest herbal brew.

How the west was won.

Mint Momentum a cool respite.  Tingly, minty, fresh. Get some.

Dues. Do. The new do’s. Mine & C$’s & Gremlin’s. Ahem, Izzy’s.

Hair Before. “Growing out” phase starts with the, “Beiber sweep” which then turns into the “C$ flip” and finally, what we have here. Simply put, helmet hair.

Hair After.  Handsomeness, and style.  Now for the finale. Hear the trumpets?

C$ Finale. Hair Symphony.

Me zesty pixie.

Izzy’s “Growing out” phase, starts with the “wild water dog” which then turns into the Gremlin.  Need I say more?

I think not, but I sure hope you enjoyed the road show! My zesty life from the trail, a cool clean ride, clear and free of the longhorn patties, just enough to keep you saddled in ’till the next time.

Sending you all things blessedly zesty


Update on the Bastrop Blaze. As many of you have heard and seen on the news, Bastrop suffered from a devastating fire.  Thankfully, my brother and his family were spared from the fires devastation, with flames that licked within 2 miles of their home. Many are still suffering in the aftermath with homes and lives lost – really a very sad time for those that lost everything. We are grateful that my brother and his family are safe and well, and will provide an update on the recovery process soon…Love, Robyn