A Plumpkin, Happy Carrot Cake, and a Birthday dude

Fall is my all time favorite time of year. Not just because the weather is perfect, and the cool evenings have allowed open windows and soft breezes. Not just because Fall is so darn beautiful, and so much is blossoming in the garden. Not just because Halloween inspires goblins, ghouls and big, yummy, evil, candy bowls. Not just because Thanksgiving is on its way, as well as zesty cooking, z best feasting, full bellies, spending time with family AND giving Thanks. If these aren’t enough ways to share why Fall is my favorite time of year then maybe this will.

Happy Carrot Cake w/Lemon Zing Frosting.

Because it just so happens that Blue’s Birthday is celebrated in Fall,

and poor me has to not only bake this creation,

but also is forced into the birthday celebrations by eating a slice of Happy Carrot Cake with the Birthday dude. Whaa. Okay not whaa. Perhaps just one more little slice… Ahh. I am so thankful that I was forced into celebrating.

Let me give my thanks.

Thank you





The above cake request was brought to you by the cake naming genius, man of the hour,

Blue the Birthday Dude.

Also starring in Where the Wild Things Are.
Blue is wearing a Yabbles Hat, a present that his cuz made – check ‘em out here!

Happy Birthday Blue!

The arrival of Fall has also brought excitement about the garden harvest.

Here is a quick peek

These beauties will be in my mouth soon!

To my surprise, I also found this growing wild in the yard.

In case you aren’t a botanist or gardener – this here is the result of a cross between a pumpkin and Izzy.

The genus “Plumpkin”, ripe for the picking.

Plumpkin is a loyal variety, and is most noted for companionship and kinship. The Plumpkin variety is easy to grow, but flourishes with regular care and attention. You will see that it is happy growing all year and is suitable for both the indoors and out. Experienced Plumpkin growers know when cared for properly and given optimal growing conditions, “Plumpkin” will provide life long rich harvests; in hot summer months be sure to shower with lots of water, fresh air, and love. Warning! Overfeeding will result in an invasive variety – genus Plump.

Beware! Monitor for signs of the invasive genus Plump. Below you will see the most common sign, known as the “Trick or Treat”

This has “Treat PULEAZE” written all over it.

Plumpkin of love.