Summer Faves

Ah. The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Okay, summer is usually anything but “lazy”. Hot? Yep. Humid. Yep. Fun? Oh yeah. Potlucks, parties, friends, and lots of time spent enjoying the fares of summer. August is is no exception, with my zesty kitchen (and life) offering me time to spend with family and loved ones – I have not had a dull moment! Not a dull moment to share any finger lickin’ cooking and recipes. I have been feeling a wee bit guilty, especially if you could see the recipes and taste the dishes that I have been creating. And I have been creatin’ a lot.

Here is a tiny chewy morsel, baked, not fried, shaken, not stirred, that reflects the new recipe posts that I shared and delivered to you in the month of August. Ready?

Zero. Zilch.
Yoga breath 1 2 3. Ahhhh.

August, a farewell to summer, served up family style -

Appetizer: Our first garden in Texas
First Course: A HUGE Party & Q hosted by the grill Goddess herself (moi)
Second Course: A visit and stay from the Other Clarks (Blue’s parents)
Third Course: A trip with the Other Clarks to check out Pictographs
Dessert: A memorable family road trip “To Yellowstone or Bust
Side dish: C$ starts his Jr. year in High School
Cheese Tray: Extra cheesy of course, with LOT’S of Zesty cooking

I hope that you are hungry cause I’m about to make it up to y’all, starting with my Summer Faves. Delicious summer dishes that have served me well and recipes to boot! I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Reminiscing about summer fun includes good food and good people to share it with.

Here is a tasty bite of my summer faves -

Always a hit for parties, family meals, and good eatin’ pleasure!

The Q – always a place of full belly meditation.

Up next: Triple S Ribs.

Get some fall-off-the-bone mouthwatering deliciousness.
Summer ain’t over till the fat lady sings…