The Herb Room ~ New and Nut-worthy! Oat Pecan Soap

The Herb Room is celebrating the much anticipated arrival of spring with a New and Nut-worthy soap – Oat Pecan! Stop going against the grain and join the Oat Pecan soap celebration.

Seasonally challenged skin rejoice!

Oat Pecan is a specialty bar worth celebrating.

Up close and personal with the guest of honor, Oat Pecan soap.

This skin saving wonder bar provides stressed skin with the gentle cleansing power of whole grain organic oats. Beta glucan rich oat flour extract soothes instantly, calming even the most sensitive skin. A dash of pure Vermont Maple sugar & extract botanically brightens, while pecan meal gently exfoliates. Locally pressed Pecan oil blended with organic sunflower oil kindly moisturizes and hydrates. Oat Pecan soap has a super light, fresh scent, a custom blend of essential oils that reminds me of water lilies.

Kick up your heels to happy skin! AHHHH.

Worth the wait – Oat Pecan Soap. Limited Edition = limited quantities.

Formulated to treat & relieve my grumpy, itchy, weather struck skin. Unhappy skin gets happy again – cozy in that comfortably clean sort of way.

Skin is soothed, nourished, and oh so happy when you lather up with The Herb Room’s Oat Pecan bar. So nice to meet ya’.

Spring is in the air and everywhere and just in time to tickle your fancy

The Herb Room’s fresh stock of your spring-time and all-the-time favorite, Lavender soap!

The very best of the best, timeless, classic, Lavender soap.

This batch is really dreamy, creamy, aromatic – Lavender soap. A garden fresh floral that comes from pure Lavender essential oils and yep you guessed it…

A whole lotta love

Just like the love that I feel while quietly meditating in a field of Lavender, frolicking along, while butterflies dance in the wind

HUH? Surprise! Gotcha! ….. just like the love I feel when this guy pops into my photo meditation. It is a true big love. Just like the big Chance man, now a whopping -gasp!- 18 years of age. These are zesty tales that I have been saving up for y’all. Definitely worth the wait. Wink.

Now where was I?
Oh yeah. Ahhhhh. Lavender fields forever and

Lavender Soap ……back in stock and better than ever!

Celebrate spring with a skin saving wonder bar Oat Pecan soap.

Happy spring to you all! Summer soaps are up next. I sure hope you like surprises….

Zestfully yours,

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and the WINNER is….

Rebeca – lucky number #17!

Rebeca was randomly chosen as the WINNER of the BIG Holiday Giveaway – she won a year of The Herb Room soaps!

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Congratulations, Rebeca!!!!

I hope you are enjoying the New Year with your first bar of The Herb Room soap!

The winning comment ~ What is your favorite Holiday food or dish? Why?

A BIG huge thanks to all of you that entered and shared your comments AND even your wonderful recipes – Kringle is calling my name. I am always inspired by my zesty friends and family, a perfect start to the New Year.

Another perfect start to the New Year is NEW soaps!  The Herb Room is busy making your favorites and will be introducing some great specialty soap bars in 2012.

In the works - Oat Pecan Bar. A limited edition, small batch soap, specifically formulated to relieve my winter and travel weary skin.  If you have been suffering from irritated, dry skin, this soap is gonna soothe and suit your skin well. Look for it in The Herb Room store by the end of February.

If you like The Herb Room soaps, have soap creation ideas, inspirations, or just want to drop by and say hello – please comment below or visit me on Facebook. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for being a part of my zesty life!  – Robyn