Welcome to my Zesty life website! This has been a journey of love and lots of hard work. Quite frankly, my zesty life is only as zesty as my partner in crime and in life Blue, my handsome dude of a son Chance, and my furry animal friends. This website was made possible by the support of my family and the computer expertise of my brilliant husband Blue. He is a downright genius and my BFF, (thank you, thank you, thank you) spending countless hours designing my vision to share with y’all.

Bet you’re all wondering what the heck? I just wanna buy a bar of your wonderful soap? Guess what? Now you can!

MyZestyLife.com is what I call a “slice of life” website. Originally, the concept was based around the soaps that I create for my business, The Herb Room. I have been making handmade body products with an emphasis on all natural soaps using pure essential oils and herbs for 10 years (want to know more…click here) I have been constantly bombarded from y’all to join the 21st century and have a website for purchasing my products. This has been particularly the case since I live in Austin and most of my family and friends live in California. Thus, the journey began into the idea of giving The Herb Room a home and my zesty life website was born. My zesty life is my home for The Herb Room, Zesty Kitchen, and Zesty Tidbits encompassing my passions for cooking, nature, family, animals and living life in Austin, TX. If you don’t know me and want to, visit about me.

Here you will see my zesty life through my lame attempt at photography. Just to let everyone know I am in no way a professional photographer. Duh…can’t you tell? I use (for now) an Olympus C-725, sometimes a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS and on occasion my iPhone. I call my photography “organic” photography. I do not enhance or edit any of my photos, except for cropping them from time to time. This is also known as poor lazy (wo)man photography; due to the fact that I don’t have a state-of-the-art camera or Photoshop and I only know the bare minimum using the GIMP. To that effect, I enjoy taking pictures and am learning a lot about photography in the process. So enjoy the “organic” experience of my photos and don your rose colored glasses. My photos may get zestier as time goes on (Dear Santa, Christmas is coming and I have been eyeing a Nikon Canon Rebel…)

Zesty Tidbits is where I share life happenings; yep, here it all is, my life and happenings here in Austin. You can now come visit me – yippee! You will also find my associated ramblings, stories, action packed adventures, plus more “organic” photos and the many characters that occupy my life. So stay tuned – it will be exciting.

In my Zesty Kitchen you will find one of my greatest pleasures – cooking! I try to create the most budget friendly, nutritious, full flavored delicious meals. “Try” is the key word when it comes to nutrition because as any home cooker knows, butter is the bomb! But for all of you at home chefs and avid home kitchen freaks I do really try to find a balance. Expect to find my flavorful recipes and kitchen concoctions with pictures here.

The Herb Room is where I will be offering all of my handmade soaps and goodies for the Body, Bath and Home. I will offer my products as fast as I can make them. For now I will be featuring my handmade soaps and will be adding more natural products when I develop my other set of hands and grow my other brain. Be sure to visit often as my offerings will change frequently. Also, be sure to check out my specials and closeouts.

I am so glad that you have stopped by. I invite you to check out my zesty life through the pages of my site. It has variety, it’s quirky, and yummy. Did I mention it smells good too? Take some time to explore a zesty slice my life, and delve into the offerings from The Herb Room store. Thanks for being a part of my zesty life!

Zesty love,