About MZL

Howdy! My name is Robyn Clark and this is my Zesty life. I am a wife, mother, soap maker, and nature lover living in Austin, TX. Did I mention that I love to cook? I hope you enjoy this website. Here I bring you my passion for living life, making soap and my never ending desire to cook & eat yummy food.

I moved to Austin, Texas two years ago from Sonoma County, a quaint area in Northern California. Bet you didn’t know I was born and raised in a very small town and have never lived anywhere else until now?! (If you do know this and are my family member, you are excused from reading this; because you already know everything there is to possibly know about me.) Pretty amazing huh?

I have two very special dudes in my life – my husband Blue and my son Chance. We packed our Ford F-350 long bed and my Chrysler Sebring with our dog Echo, rabbit Cody, two cockatiels B.B. and Squaw, and our three cats Smooshie (a.k.a. Mama), Sasha, W.B. (a.k.a. White Bitch) and the rest of our stuff to start a new and exciting adventure here in Austin, TX. Two years later and a few animals less (we lost our dear birdies to raccoons and our rabbit passed from old age) we are now settled in and love livin’ in Texas. Our most recent family addition of the friendly furry doggy variety is Izzy (a.k.a. Gremlin). Warning: You will probably see way to many pictures of my adorable animal friends so I will spare you pictures at this time.

Here is a picture of my dudes:


Aren’t they something?

And Zesty me


In case you were wondering, I am in no way a professional photographer, nor am I a “real” chef. (Want to know more?) However, I am a graduate of Sonoma State University, earning my Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in Botany. Pretty zesty huh? I love plants and plants love me. I enjoy the biological sciences, chemistry and nature and even worked as a formulation chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. I started my business, The Herb Room, here in Austin and have been making my own natural products for ten years. I love everything about formulating skin care products. Currently, I am offering my natural handmade soaps using only the purest essential oils and herbs. It gives me so much pleasure to share my soaps with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them and using them. My Zesty Life truly encompasses all the things that I have a zest for doing in my daily life!

Myzestylife.com website is where you will find me in my zesty kitchen (where else?) cooking, cooking, and more cooking, taking pictures, and making and offering my natural handmade soaps from The Herb Room. I will share zesty tidbits of my daily life from spending time with my dudes, my critters, to being out and about enjoying the beauty of Austin. There is so much nature here which is surprising in such a big city! Remember - Austin is a big city for this small town girl!

I really enjoy the great outdoors – hiking, boating, fishing and camping. Yep folks, you heard it right, and in a real tent, no RV for this lady. I am fascinated with nature – plants, herbs, gardens, gardening, and taxonomy (I know completely nerdy right? and one of the reasons why I am a Botanist.) I will strive for a future category in this area for all you plant nerds out there. Currently, I am in love with my scrabble game on my iPhone (a.k.a. iBrain), LOVE to read, watch movies (am no movie snob), like fashion, (what girl doesn’t like shopping?) love laughing, and eating, of course. I also do some volunteering, am a homework helper, and a domestic goddess of sorts. In my spare time I also juggle and work for the circus…Seriously folks, I live a crazy, beautiful, colorful, and zesty life.

I hope you enjoy a slice of my zesty life!

Zestfully yours,


Howdy! Have questions? A joke to tell? Funny story? -Or- Just want to drop me a line?
If you would like to contact me I can be reached via email at: robyn@myzestylife.com

I would love to hear from y’all and really appreciate your support and emails.

Joke: What’s the plural of y’all?
Answer: All’s y’all

All’s y’all make my life more zesty! I sure enjoy reading your thoughts, comments and emails. You make me smile. So thanks for sharing and keep ‘em coming…

Zestfully yours,